Amazing Halloween Costumes for Kids Based on Your Favorite Movies & TV Shows

Kids Halloween Costumes- 1 Ghostbusters

Trick or treat! Although it’s probably past the time when you would be deciding what to dress your kids up as for Halloween, we thought it might brighten your day to see some hilarious kids costumes. Although some of the characters they portray are not kid-friendly (I would hope no child has seen Silence of the Lambs or Breaking Bad) and likely based more on their parents’ favorite movies and television shows, it’s pretty entertaining to see children in these roles. If I saw trick-or-treaters dressed in some of these costumes I might just have to pour my whole bowl of candy into their bag!

Man Intimately Photographs his Beloved Wife’s Heroic Battle With Cancer

1 Jennifer Cancer stages by Angelo Merendino3 Jennifer Cancer stages by Angelo Merendino

It was love at first sight when photographer Angelo Merendino met Jennifer, who grew to love him as he grew the courage to tell her how he felt. Five months after their wedding, their world was shaken when Jennifer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Soon after their one year anniversary, after a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation, and constructive surgery, the doctors declared Jen “cancer-free” and they began to put their lives back together. A few months later, they found out that the cancer had metastatised through her liver and bones. They realized that as much as their family and friends were concerned and wanted to help, they had no idea what the couple was going through, so they decided to document Jen’s battle with cancer through intimate photos. Merendino shows how true it is that a picture is worth a thousand words in this emotionally charged, powerful series.

40 Weeks and a Mirror: One Woman’s Pregnancy in 10 Beautiful Photos

1 Sophie Starzenski

The miracle of pregnancy is so wonderful that women willingly go through morning sickness, back aches, and a pain that men can not even fathom to bring a new life into the world. Argentinian photographer Sophie Starzenski documented her beautiful progression in a simple set of ten photographs. With her Canon blocking her face, she captured a monthly shot of her body’s transformation in a mirror. The selfie snapshots show her growing bump, with a special surprise reveal at the end. The series, which she calls “Proyecto Pyokko” (Pyokko is a nickname for her new bundle of joy), is as perfectly composed as the precious infant she created.

Mom Shows Her Daughter How to Play Dress-Up as Influential Women Rather Than Disney Princesses

1-Jaime Moore- Amelia Earheart

With Halloween just around the corner, we wanted to share this amazing idea set for little girls unlike any costume you’ll find in a store. For her daughter’s fifth birthday, Austin,Texas-based photographer Jaime Moore wanted to do a special photo shoot with her daughter. She looked online for dress-up costume inspiration and 95% of her search results yielded how-to’s for princess transformations. While princesses are awesome, there are a lot more amazing and realistic things for young girls to aspire to be. Aside from Disney, Kate Middleton is likely the only princess that little girls have ever heard of, so showing them other women who have actually done amazing things for the world gives them more to dream about.

Bringing Sexy Back to Biking: High Heeled Cycling Shoes

biking high heels

Riding your bike is one of the easiest ways to reduce your carbon foot print, but what’s the point of riding if you can’t show off the shapely calf muscles you’ve built up by commuting this way? Ask any lady the best way to strut sexy gams and nine out of ten will tell you: stilettos. Before now high heels and bicycles never mixed, but we’ve found some amazing images that bring you the best of both worlds. That’s right- pumps for bikes- and we’re not talking about the type that puts air in your tires- we mean high heeled shoes that bring sexy back to your daily commute! Everyone knows that beauty is pain, so who in their right mind would want to take off the heels they’ve been wearing all day at work to slip into hideous traditional biking shoes that look like an adult version the shoes you wore in kindergarten before you learned how to tie?

P.O.T.U.S.: Hilariously Creepy Wood Cut Portraits of All 43 US Presidents

1 44 U.S. presidents wood burned portrait

Back in elementary school- right around the time I learned “The Fifty Nifty United States” song, which still to this day, helps me remember all 50 states in alphabetical order, we learned another less memorable song called “The Song of the Presidents.” I couldn’t help but hearing the chorus, “These are the men who have served us as president. Chief executives leading the way. We will salute them in presidential order- the presidents of the U-S-A!” play through my head when I came across these incredible woodcut caricatures of all 43 fellas! Created by Graphic Designer Rachel Ignotofsky, she declares that the portraits “straddle the line between grotesque and comical” and I’d have to agree. This collection was shown as an installation at Leedy-Voulkous Art Center in Kansas City, Missouri where she is based out of. Each presidential portrait ranged in size from 24 x 18in, 14 x 17in, and 9 x 12in.

Locks of Lettering: Human Hair Typography by Monique Goossens

1 typeface human hair

If you have long hair like me, hair balls in the shower drain and garbage can after cleaning out the brush are a common occurrence. In this clever series, designer Monique Goossens transforms those commonly overlooked hairballs into typography. She shapes the clumps of hair into letters and leaves stray hairs radiating off of each one so that its material is obvious. The Amsterdam based artist studied Interior Design and Styling at Academie Artemis and became interested in the relationship between photography and design, so she continued her studies at the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Smith Allen Studio Introduces 3D Printed Architecture to the World


Since 3D printing technology has been introduced, we’ve seen it used for high heel shoes, skateboards, photo booths that make a miniature 3D figurine, and even 3D holograms of unborn babies. The possibilities for this line of machinery seem endless and Smith Allen Studio is taking things to an even larger scale with the world’s first 3D-printed architecture. The Oakland-based duo that comprises Smith Allen Studio is Bryan Allen and Stephanie Smith and their latest structure called Echoviren is made up of 3D-printed bricks. The white bio-plastic structure, which measures 10x10x8 feet, stands proud amidst a forest of Redwood Trees, and will safely decompose in 30-50 years.

We Love Friday!- Free Falling: An Homage to Bungee Jumping


The first modern bungee jump with elastic materials was carried out by Oxford University students dressed in top hats and tails at the Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol as an April Fool’s Day prank in 1979. They were members of the university’s “Dangerous Sports Club” and were arrested immediately after they resurged from the plunge. Today the sport has become very popular all over the world and with only a 1 in 500,000 chance of death, it is one of the least dangerous of the extreme sports. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the highest commercial bungee jump is off the Macau Tower(764ft) in China where jumpers experience four to five seconds of free fall at up to 125mph. If jumping off of a bridge or typical run of the mill bungee jumping isn’t adventurous enough for you and you can spare $10,000, you can jump off a helicopter into the mouth of an active Andean volcano in Pucon, Chile! (Telegraph) To celebrate the bravery of those entrusting their lives to a giant rubber band, we searched Instagram for this awesome collection of bungee pics!

Best of Both Worlds: 18 Gorgeous Examples of Half Underwater/ Half Surface Photography

1-Sean Davey

Ever since I was 5 years old, I have wondered what it would be like to be a mermaid- not the mockumentary morbid webbed-hand kind, but a Disney Princess daughter of Triton type like Ariel. The first time I saw it in the theaters, I cried at the end of The Little Mermaid and it gave me a lot of anxiety, fearing that I might grow up and fall in love with a Merman and be forced to choose between moving to the ocean with him- trading in my legs for fins and leaving my family behind on land- or losing my true love. Luckily I never found myself in that situation, but I have residually been obsessed with the ocean and its creatures. What an amazing, magical world, most of which remains as much of a mystery to us as outer space. This collection features works that are amphibious, catching a glimpse of the world underwater and above the surface at the same time.