‘Starry Night’ Enhanced with Open Source Software

The Starry Night

When today’s technology is used to “improve” masterfully created artwork from the past, the results are normally disastrous. The old form of manual creativity flowing from mind to eye to brush to canvas is an intimate engagement that yields results no computer could ever duplicate even in the hands of the most skilled graphic designers.

Visualization: The 2011 Highlights on Digg

Roswell Letter

Social news site Digg.com saw its share of ups and downs through 2010, particularly after the launch of V4. The tumultuous last months of that year had many wondering if the site would make it through 2011. It not only made it through but improved dramatically with the launch of hot new features and a glimmer of hope. Through the wave, one thing has remained constant: the ever-growing diversity of content.

Identity of Enigmatic Banksy Being Sold on eBay for Millions

How much is a sheet of paper with a name written on it worth? When that name is allegedly the true identity of the street artist known as Banksy, it’s worth a million.

eBay user Jaybuysthings claims to to have uncovered Banksy’s identity by matching the prices of his or her commissioned works with tax records. His auction is the latest attempt to sell the information – previous attempts have been stopped by eBay because information like that is not “tangible.” To get around this loophole, he is technically selling a piece of paper.

The current bid is $999,999 after 38 bids and with just over the auction ending around 8am Pacific on Wednesday. Some suggest it will go up dramatically as the deadline draws near.