A Robotic Arm Lends a Hand to Slow Motion Filmography

In the world of slow motion cinematography the camera action has always been still due to technical limitations, until now. The Marmalade has put together a production studio consisting of directors, DoPs, model-makers, mechanical engineers, food stylists, pyrotechnicians, matte painters, fluids specialists, 3D-animators, and compositing professionals which is capable of producing complex slo-mo shots, using their state of the art equipment and software.

The Beauty of Craftsmanship

Did you ever wonder how a good guitar is made? This amazing film brings “how it’s made” to a whole new level of beauty and art. In just 3 minutes the film covers a process that takes 299 hours by master guitar maker Vassilis Lazarides, who claims that “the act of instrument crafting is a great way to deal with the reality.” Motion graphics show the process, the measurements, the thought process and the sheer dedication to detail needed to complete the construction of a hand made Flamenco. Accompanied by the fantastic flamenco music of Dutch guitar virtuoso and composer Edsart udo De Haes, this film keeps the spirit of process alive with an excellent sound track.

Interactive Art Display That Dances With You

Visual experimental studio MADE debuts an interactive LED art installation “Future Self” that glows, reacts and even mimics anyone that comes near it. The outcome is a mirror image that transcends into 3D space. The concept for this installation was so new that not even the artist knew exactly what it would look like.