Bauhaus’s Intuitive Chess Set

If you have ever failed to remember a chess piece’s playing direction, then this is the chessboard for you. Designed by Bauhaus sculptor Josef Hartwig in 1923, the set’s pieces are formed to represent their particular function. This was accomplished by reducing the traditional shapes of the pieces into simple shapes, such as circles, crosses and squares.

15,000 Square Foot Urban Farm Goes Portable

Amidst the towering skyscrapers and busting New York City traffic is a mobile, 15,000 square foot urban farm, called Riverpark Farm. Born through ideas of sustainability and more portable approaches to urban farming, Riverpark Farms partnered with Alexandria Center for Life Science and Riverpark restaurant to create one of the largest urban farms in New York City. The unique farm is located on the future site of Alexandria Center’s west tower. With the downed economy, building on the site has been suspended, leaving the lot a perfect place to create an urban farm.

Dexter: Killer Posters Inspired by the Show

Ty Mattson is killing it with his most recent poster for season 6 of the horrifyingly interesting TV drama, Dexter. Mattson, principle and creative director of Mattson Creative in Southern California, is obviously a fan of the TV series and decided to make posters symbolizing the key events of each season. He mentioned on his blog how the posters ended up being a much larger project than he anticipated, but he loved how they turned out. Apparently so did many others, including Showtime who featured his work on the dvd cover of the 5th season

Oxfam Holiday Campaign by Jessica Hische

For this holiday season, Oxfam International enlisted the beautiful lettering and illustration work of Jessica Hische. Besides all of the excellent typography and witty messaging, these ads encourage donations for a wonderful cause. Oxfam consists of multiple international groups that partner and campaign for resolving poverty and injustice. Take a look at to see how you can donate to those suffering this holiday season.

Stylectrical: Exhibiting the Work of Apple’s Jony Ive

Currently exhibiting at Museum für Kunst Und Gewerbe Hamburg in Germany, an intriguing new show features a retrospective look at the vast collection of the industrial design works Jonathan Ive has created for Apple throughout the years.  So vast in fact, that they claim to be showcasing every product Apple has created under Ive. Along with the extensive and sometimes rather obscure collection of products, the museum takes a deeper look into the cultural aspects of the designs and the process behind the design of Apple products.

Pathetone Weekly’s Clothing of the Future

Apparently, back in the 1930s, there were high expectations for our current fashion trends. Pathetone Weekly, the British cinemagazine, ran semi-news blurbs featuring obscure topics that aired from 1930 to 1941. This episode in particular was quite amusing, as it displayed concept clothing created by American fashion designers detailing what they believed clothing would look like in the year 2000. The ideas ranged from women wearing cantilever heels and electric belts to men wearing telephones on their chest and pockets to give “candies to cuties.”

Silver Screen Society: Artist Tributes to Famous Films

When thinking back to some favorite films, everyone has their own interpretations or experiences that are associated with those films. The Silver Screen Society is a website dedicated to curating those interpretations in the form of art. Each month, the founders, Trevor Basset, Brandon Schaefer and Adam Hanson, feature a new film and invite artists to create art based on the chosen film.

Charles and Ray Eames: The Art in Teaching

Charles and Ray Eames: What many people choose to remember about this mid-century modernist couple are their contributions in industrial and architectural design. Their designs, ranging from the molded plywood chair and Eames lounger to their Mondrian-esque home, are among the most popular, yet the Eameses provided the world with more than beautiful home décor: they were teachers.