Manifesto Fever

The Holstee Manifesto

The viral potential of a creative and thought-provoking manifesto has been proven by brands like lululemon and Holstee who have grabbed the attention of millions of viewers, both online and off. These manifestos contain words of intention and inspiration, and are designed to embody what is important to them and what they stand for.

The Color Run Turns You into a Human Canvas

A regular long distance race is great for athletes who like to compete or community members who want to support a cause, but the Color Run takes the sport to a whole new level of fun. Runners begin the 5km race clean, ideally wearing all white so they’re like a raw canvas begging to be splattered with fun hues and designs. At the first kilometer, participants are splattered in highlighter yellow. At the second, they’re doused in Caribbean blue, followed by green at the third km, hot pink at the fourth, and a “Color Extravaganza” at the 5km finish line.

First Images of a Living Burmese Snub-Nosed Monkey

It’s always exciting when a new animal is discovered, but when that animal is a jungle monkey with an upturned nose that sneezes when it rains? That’s just awesome.

In 2010, a new type of snub-nosed monkey, R. strykeri, was found by hunters in Myanmar. Unfortunately, they had killed it before researchers could take a good look at it, and it was eaten shortly after — monkey meat is a delicacy in the region.

Until today, images of the dead Burmese snub-nosed monkey and a few Photoshop renderings (see the first image) were the only ones available. Thanks to a few hidden cameras, however, we’re now able to enjoy looking at these peculiar little creatures in the wild in the newly released photos below.

Location-Aware Albums are Like Real-Life Soundtracks

Imagine walking through a public space and having your music change as you stroll, fitting perfectly with each new setting like a soundtrack to your life. Can you picture it? Want it? Then check out BlueBrain’s location-aware albums.

To promote their latest tracks, BlueBrain, a Washington, DC-based music group comprising two brothers, launched a series of iPhone apps that play the band’s latest tracks according to the geographic location of its listeners in Manhattan and Washington.

Nokia and deadmau5 Animate an Entire Building

To launch the Nokia Lumia 800 Windows phone, the mobile phone company performed a loud — and super bright — publicity stunt with an interactive takeover of a massive skyscraper in London.

Infographic Baby Blankets

If you’ve ever wished babies came with instruction manuals, you’ll appreciate the brilliance of The Information Blanket. Instead of prints of duckies and rainbows, these baby blankets are printed with infographic-style instructions to help parents care for their newborns. Designer Neil Powell included information that ranges from healthy body temperature and details on feeding to immunization and signs of illness.

An Abstract Spin on Superheroes

Superheroes continue to have a strong presence in pop culture, from Hollywood movies to high fashion, and now to watercolour-style digital art. Arian Noveir painted this series of abstract-style superhero paintings that include Spiderman, Batman, the Hulk, Wolverine, Ironman, Hell Boy and Thor. Although there is only a hint of each hero splattered on each image, it’s just the right amount needed to identify which character is represented — provided you’d recognize these heroes in their comic state, that is.

We love the way classic superheroes continue to inspire creatives like Noveir, a French web designer, as well as artists like Marko Manev whose super minimalist superhero posters were featured on Visual News a little while back

Little Kids as Clean Water Educators

The purity of a child’s willingness to explore emotions and unfiltered thoughts can evoke laughter, but it can also deepen consideration and fuel inspiration in the adults with whom these children share. Case in point, this video by the Obakki Foundation.

Hug Piles to Save Child Soldiers

From time to time we hear about human trafficking and child slavery, but because these topics can induce immense discomfort, it’s rare for people to spend much time thinking, let alone doing, something about it. Not so for Zac Whyte. The Canadian founder of the HEAL Project is an innovative philanthropist, activist, entrepreneur, dad, academic and digital creative who appears fearless in the pursuit of influencing change — and making it fun for others to join him. He’s also the creator of the Hug Pile.

How to Raise $10k to Build a School in 3 Hours

Taylor Conroy’s motto is “destroy normal,” so it’s no surprise that when he wanted to take fundraising to the next level, he invented a platform that would completely change the way people think of charity. His social micro-giving platform, found at, is designed to raise $10,000 to build a school in 3 hours. The 29-year-old entrepreneur and budding philanthropist recently did a Tedx talk on his new platform, which we’ve featured above.