How Engineers Are Solving Water Scarcity in Developing Countries

In countries suffering from extreme poverty, basic living needs like clean water, electricity, and clean burning fuel types are scarce. That’s where engineers come in. Engineers have the knowledge and ability to provide affordable solutions to countries that lack these basic resources.

Bill Gates has shown that brilliant engineers like Peter Janicki are coming up with innovative solutions to provide clean and affordable water.  These developing countries can overcome water scarcity by turning sewage waste into clean drinkable water using Janicki’s Omniprocessor. One machine is capable of providing 100,000 people with potable water.

India’s electric engineers are leading the charge in developing and implementing solar panels to drive the rapidly growing solar energy industry. India’s goal is to provide a cheaper, cleaner, and healthier form of electricity and reduce the C02 emissions and improve air quality in Indian cities.

Modis, who matches engineering and tech talent with clients that can utilize their expertise, posted a great infographic that explains how engineers are saving the world.

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