When Americans First Had Sex And Other Big Life Events

If you’ve ever wondered where you fall when it comes to life’s big milestones, this chart will give you a pretty solid idea. Relationships: The First Time…, by Nathan Yau, looks at data of big life events for Americans, such as when they had sex for the first time, moved in with a significant other, and got married, and determines the average for the American population.  

Americans First: Female Average Sex

Using the public use data collected by the National Survey of Family Growth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from 2013-15, Yau determined the national average, or median, for American’s firsts: sex, moving in with someone, marriage, having a baby, and divorce. The survey Yau obtained his data from only contained samples from 15- to 45-year-olds making the sample not quite representative of the whole U.S. population, but it still serves as a good measure of time.

Americans First: Male Average Moved In

The charts changing age markers represent the average ages while the bars represent the percentage of people who experienced their firsts at the corresponding ages. Naturally, the chart compels you to compare your own experiences to the averages presented and makes you wonder if your timeline of experiences is “normal.” But Yau points out that there is no “normal” since most people don’t fall into the average section of the chart.

Check out the full interactive here.

[Via: Flowing Data]

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