FYF Fest and its Dynamic Lineup

From its inception in 2004 Sean Carlson’s FYF Fest (“Fuck Yeah Fest”) embodied a persona much like its name. A festival of rising underground musical artist, heavily filled with those in the Rock and Punk genre that dominated this time. But much like Los Angeles, things have changed, and the FYF Fest has become more dynamic in what artist it books for the yearly festival.

As the festival has moved around the Los Angeles area and has now settled in Exposition Park the prices have also seen an increase over the years. No longer can a spectator pay $20 to see a handful of artists for the weekend. With growth and notable bookings this increase would seem expected.

While 2015 featured Kanye West as a fill in for Frank Ocean’s cancellation, and 2016 featured the emerging Kendrick Lamar, 2017 should not disappoint with a lineup of Frank Ocean, Nine Inch Nails and Missy Elliot. The star studded lineup not only shows the growth of the festival but also a change in genre’s that attract people to attend. Take a look at how FYF has changed throughout the years.


The first FYF was in 2004 took place in at a banquet hall and alley way behind a now shut down independent record shop. It featured 14 bands and was one day. The 2017 FYF fest is now at the LA Sports Arena and Exposition Park where part of the 1984 Summer Olympics took place. It now hosts 68 artists and takes place on two days. Something to note is that these numbers only include musical artists and not the comedians that have performed throughout the years.


Here are the key takeaways:

  • Over the years there has been a decline of punk bands and a gradual increase of electronic artists.
  • Indie and alt bands have been a regular mainstay at FYF and continue to make up a good portion of the artists performing.
  • In the past couple of years the number of hip hop and R&B acts have been growing strongly.


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