This 360 Video Will Inspire You To Have Great Ideas Anywhere

For many, the shower is where they get most of their ideas. The only problem is you can’t exactly take a shower whenever you need a boost of inspiration. Well, thanks to The One Show, now you can!

The virtual shower is made with 360 video technology, allowing users to brainstorm on the go. The work of Vancouver-based agency Rethink, the video was created as part of The One Show’s new campaign “One is all it takes.”

360 video shower

To accompany the video, The One Show also designed a Google Cardboard in the shape of the ad award show’s iconic Pencil award.

“The old adage is that we’re creative in the shower,” says CEO of The One Show Kevin Swanepoel. “So we decided to help creatives come up with award-winning ideas anytime, anywhere by bringing the shower directly to their device.”

Try the video out for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll come up with an award-winning idea.

[Via: AdWeek]

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