This Is What Happens When Artists Team Up With Unicef

There are over 300 million children that live in areas with toxic air pollution. Just let that sink in. That means that almost 1 in every 7 children in the entire world is at risk everyday, but for some reason, air pollution isn’t taken all too seriously.

For many people, when it comes to climate change, they remain blissfully unaware of any damages because they simply don’t see it. But many young children are in danger just from being exposed and breathing the air around them, bringing the issue of climate change forward in everybody’s minds.

“Air pollution may be invisible but its effects can last forever, especially for children whose lungs, brains and immune systems are still developing,” says Unicef. That’s why Unicef teamed up with artists from around the globe to bring further attention to the issue for Clear the Air for Children. The #illustrators4children project includes work from artists like Bodil Jane, Henne Kim, Maria-Ines Gul, Renate Groenewould, and Lieke van der Vorst, all commissioned to create work for a good cause.

Here are some examples:

[Via: Branding Magazine]

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