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These Delightful Ads Revisit The History Of The Helmet

Nobody would really consider a bike helmet to be a fashionable item, but the helmet is an essential piece of safety gear if you plan to go out riding. That’s why helmet brand Nutcase is making the helmet more fun and, hopefully, more desirable in a series of adorable ads.

nutcase helmet ads dragon

The series of print ads features helmets throughout history as they protect the brain from all sorts of attacks from nefarious creatures. The images depict heroes being attacked by their foes while the helmets keep them safe. They ads feature a knight being protected from a dragon, a Samurai being shielded from a ninja, a Roman gladiator with a lion attempting to gnaw on his head, and a deep-sea diver with an octopus attached to his head. Each image includes a tagline that reads, “Helmets. Protecting us since ever.”

nutcase helmet ads ninja

The ads were created by agency The Community and will be launched in the United States, Argentina, and Brazil in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

nutcase helmet ads lion

[Via: AdWeek]

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