hamilton visualization

This Is What All 20,520 Words In Hamilton Look Like Visualized

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Hamilton, the Pulitzer-Prize winning musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda. Though the Broadway hit first opened a year and a half ago, people are still clamoring to see the musical, with productions in San Francisco and London opening later in 2017. With its popularity continually growing, software engineer Shirley Wu decided to create an interactive visualization of all 20,520 words in the musical.

hamilton visualization

Her visualization makes it possible to analyze the relationship Hamilton has with his fellow countrymen and countrywomen, showing the significance of each character’s relationship in any particular song. For instance, you can follow Hamilton’s rivalry with Thomas Jefferson as it escalates throughout the musical to the point where it completely vanishes from the story.

hamilton visualization

Wu went through the entire musical, examining each line, in order to place them into two categories: who sang it and two whom. She then created an interactive visualization of the data she collected, generating a way for users to examine recurring themes, such as ambition, legacy, and personality, and how those themes influence Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Washington, and other characters.

Check out Wu’s visualization here and if you want some more Hamilton goodness, check out this algorithm.

[Via: Co.Design]

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