Take A Look Back At The Year In Color

2016 was a pretty crazy year. From self-lacing sneakers and self-driving cars to Trump’s election as our next commander in chief and legalization of recreational marijuana in California and other states, a lot has happened in the United States and the world over. To help you get a nice recap of 2016, Brand Union created a spectacular interactive infographic called “The Year in Color.”

Using an algorithm that connects with Google’s API to determine the dominant color of the leading story for each day in 2016, the interactive is presented as a series of multicolored dots representing the days of each month. As you scroll over each dot, the headline for that day’s leading story pops up. Clicking on a colored dot will open the corresponding article so you can read more about that day’s headline.

year in color

Brand Union decided to create the infographic in lieu of a traditional season’s greeting for the end of 2016. We’re sure happy they did because not only is this interactive beautifully and simply done, it’s also a great snapshot of 2016 and all of its memorable moments.

If you want to rehash last year’s buzzworthy stories, check out Brand Union’s “Year in Color” here.

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