These Ikea Products Will Solve All Your Problems

The latest ad series for Ikea by Swedish agency Åkestam Holst is here to solve your relationship problems. Like their past ads, “Retail Therapy” brings Ikea’s “Where Life Happens” campaign front and center by exploring the dynamics of relationships.

Ikea Retail Therapy Ad

For “Retail Therapy,” the agency created a website where Ikea products, from furniture to decorations, are renamed to reflect frequent Google searches in Sweden. Each Google phrase is linked to a relationship problem that the renamed product can solve, making the series a rather helpful one.

As you explore each of the landing pages, you’re met with a lineup of related products, otherwise known as “Related relationship problems.”

The solutions presented by “Retail Therapy” are cheeky and clever, with “My friend only talks about himself” leading you to a vanity table while “My boyfriend doesn’t see me” guides you to a lantern. Of course, you’re not supposed to take the campaign too seriously and should just enjoy the humor of it all.

Ikea Retail Therapy Ad

The accompanying video ends with, “Whether it’s a snoring husband, a never-ending gaming son or any other relationship problem you have, Ikea can come to the rescue…or at least put a smile on your face while you keep Googling for an answer.”

Check out all of the products here.

[Via: AdWeek]

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