Shrub app: digital rubbings

Create Weird Digital Rubbings With This Fascinating New App

The Shrub app is not your ordinary app. It actually wants you to engage with the world around you, not just with what’s on your screen. Born from the collaboration between artist Jeffrey Scudder and Linked by Air, Shrub allows the user to create digital “rubbings” of the world around them.

shrub app

The app works by accessing the phone’s camera so the user can “rub” their surrounding onto the phone’s screen. The user can then modify the rubbings’ size and softness, with no limit to the amount of rubs they can include in a single image. The app combines art, technology, and communication, being “a mobile communication tool as much as a mobile drawing tool.”

Shrub app

Scudder describes Shrub as a tool that allows users to make pictures on the go, thereby tethering them to their surroundings. “I just thought that since [our phones] had a camera, I could use that to my advantage and outsource that color/texture-picking feature to the environment,” Scudder explains. The app alters an individual’s relationship with their surroundings by encouraging them to consider their environment through their screen and recording it. “This is about going to many locations[…]the prime location is wherever you are with your data.”

Shrub app

[Via: The Creators Project]

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