2016 Pitch Cookies

Here Is What Happened In 2016 In Cookie Form

2016 was a wild year. Not only did Beyoncé reinvent the music video as we know it, Britain voted to leave the European Union, Chewbacca mom stole the hearts of millions, and Pokemon Go sweeps the globe. And those are just some of the notable moments of 2016 according to Pitch’s annual review of pop culture.

2016 Pitch Cookies

Every year, the Los Angeles-based agency creates a series of oversized sugar cookies featuring screen-printed designs of the year’s highlights. This isn’t the first time the agency has created these holiday treats, they’ve been doing so for a decade now.  

“We try to capture the mood of the year,” says Pitch’s CEO Rachel Spiegelman. “We start compiling ideas in January, and we keep going through early December, so we can be as up-to-date as possible.”

2016 Pitch Cookies

Instead of creating an end-of-year video or promotional recap, the agency chooses to send out the cookies to clients, vendors, friends, and the press. “They’re good conversation starters,” says Spiegelman. “There’s a game in figuring them out.”

Each year, the agency whittles down the list of 50 or so ideas to 20 keeping two rules in mind: no repeats from the previous year and they must serve as a cross-section of culture to prevent an oversaturation of one theme. “We try to poke the right amount of fun on some cookies and give you a moment of reflection on others,” said Spiegelman. “We go for the emotional peaks.

Check out some of the designs below and see if you can figure out what the images represent.


[Via: AdWeek]

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