Here Are The Winners Of YouTube’s Creative Hack Contest

In honor of YouTube’s new “bumper” ad format, the company, owned by Google, sponsored a contest in Singapore called the YouTube Creative Hack. The contest required participants to create three video ads within seven hours. Working in teams of twos, the contestants were given existing long-form adverts and had to then use their creative prowess to produce quality spots.

For the competition, YouTube flew one team from Deutsch and one from Grey to Singapore to compete against 12 other teams. All of the participants were not briefed until the contest began so as to not give them any time to prepare.

In the end, the Deutsch team, which comprised of copywriter Andrew Kong and art director Curtis Petraglia, took home first with their lighthearted spots about activities to do in Singapore.

“We started concepting around this feeling of travel envy—that jealousy you feel when looking at pictures and videos from your friends’ awesome vacations,” Kong reveals in a promotional post from Google. “We all hate those friends. That shared hatred/jealousy led us to the line, ‘Singapore. You can be mad, or you can be here.’”

Meanwhile, art director Will Gardner and designers and junior art director Robert Jencks of the Grey team took home second for their graphics comparing Singapore to other prominent cities like London and New York.

“The creative hack was a fun challenge that forced us to trust our guts and whittle down the ads to the core insight,” Gardner says. Adds Jencks, “Initially, we had no idea what to expect from bumpers, and this opportunity showed us the possibilities of being creative within constraints.”

[Via: AdWeek]

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