national parks posters: Black canyon

60 Designers Honor National Parks With Amazing Posters

The National Parks Service (NPS) is largely in charge of protecting our nation’s beautiful parks and natural resources. That’s why dozens of brilliant designers have come together to celebrate the 100th birthday of the organization in the best way possible: designing beautiful promotional posters with the proceeds benefiting the NPS.

national parks posters: channel island

Channel Islands by David Carson

The collection, known as Type Hike, is curated by graphic designers James Louis Walker and David Rygol and consists of dozens of typographic tributes to the national parks across the nation. The goal of the project was to produce posters that not only honored the parks they represent, but illustrate the essence of each park. “We both love the Nation’s parks, and felt a typographic response gives each park a unique voice,” Walker explains.

National Parks Posters: acadia

Acadia by Matt Plays

60 designers have participated in the project so far, with each designer offering a completely unique concept for each park. Some posters look like travel posters from the 1930s, like Matt Plays’s design for Acadia National Park, while others look like a children’s book cover, like Joshua Noom’s Everglades National Park poster. Each park is uniquely represented in the series and the designers truly did well to capture the soul of each park.

national parks posters: carlsbad canyons

Carlsbad Caverns by Lauren Dickens

Walker and Rygiol describe the goal of the project:

“Type Hike is, admittedly, a showcase for beautiful type. But more importantly it’s an outlet for design to be used as a positive counter to the negative mood swing our country is currently experiencing. Looking forward with optimism to another great century for the NPS is one of the main goals of the project.”

national parks posters: everglades

Everglades by Joshua Noom

Check out all of the poster designs here and be sure to grab some merch to support the NPS.

[Via: Co.Design]

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