Who Is To Blame? Correlation Is Not Always Causation

Who Is To Blame? Correlation Is Not Always Causation

As many people well know, correlation does not indicate causation. Even though two trends may seem to shift together, it does not prove that they are linked to one another. Thanks to the efforts of Tyler Vigen and his brilliant software, the site Spurious Correlations shows just how ridiculous these parallels can be thanks to a serious of humorous graphs.

correlation graphs

Vigen’s code was designed to recognize correlations in public data and create amusing graphs to link two absurdly different pieces of information. The program finds some pretty interesting correlations amongst all the data, such as the relationship between math doctorates awarded versus the Uranium stored at US nuclear power plants and the number of people who drowned by falling into a pool versus films Nicolas Cage has appeared in. Coincidence? Who knows.  






[Via: CoDesign]

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