Mashup: Game of Thrones & Calvin and Hobbes

TV Shows And Comics Collide In These Amazing Mashups

Everybody has that one show (or maybe like five, we’re not judging) that you just can’t get enough of. From Game of Thrones to Stranger Things and The Walking Dead, a good show is a great source of conversation because they make you want to talk about them. Sometimes that passion crosses over into other realms and fans create their own versions, like these clever comic mashups.

These six comic strips do well to honor fan favorite shows and cartoonists by combining TV shows like Game of Thrones with Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes and creating connections between Silicon Valley and Dilbert. The cartoon styles chosen to represent each show creates a perfect mashup between the two and delivers the overall idea of the show in a clever and adorable way. Check them out below:

Mashup: The Walking Dead & Peanuts

The Walking Dead and Peanuts

The Walking Dead meets War of the Buttons and maybe just a little Lord of the Flies in this mash-up. The survivalists led by Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead perfectly match the ragtag Peanuts under their protagonist, Charlie Brown. Snoopy and Co. don’t have the apocalypse to battle, but Pigpen is clearly ready for the hygienic sacrifices necessary in a zombie apocalypse”

Mashup: Game of Thrones & Calvin and Hobbes

Game of Thrones and Calvin and Hobbes

“Worlds collide with Game of Thrones and Calvin and Hobbes! Even though the famed strip is finished, you can experience the wonder of adventure and the thrill of discovery in this mash-up…without any of the horrifying bleakness of George Martin’s signature series. Hodor’s friendly demeanor and his journey with the warging Bran and sidekick Summer match the imagined friendship Hobbes provides to Calvin.”

Mashup: Mr. Robot & Garfield

Mr. Robot and Garfield

“Entire memes have been devoted to the unspoken psychosis of Garfield’s Jon Arbuckle. Who else could portray the introverted, detached persona of Elliot better than the fat cat’s iconic owner? Without going into spoiler territory, the ‘Garfield minus Garfield’ meme suddenly takes on a whole new meaning in this context.”

Mashup: Empire & Baby Blues

Empire and Baby Blues

“How can you find any comic loud enough to match the personality of Cookie? While Sunday favorite Baby Blues don’t deal in the realm of hip-hop stardom, it is a depiction of two parents struggles raising three bodacious children.”

Mashup: Silicon Valley & Dilbert

Silicon Valley and Dilbert

“Set a decade apart, the world of micromanagement, payroll, meetings and buzzwords reign strong in both Silicon Valley and Dilbert. Dilber would’ve surely rolled his eyes at the Conjoined Triangle of Success, while we only wish the Pied Piper team had a Pointy-Haired Boss to report to.”

Mashup: Veep & Cathy

Veep and Cathy

“Selena Meyer is known for her irrational outbursts, so naturally her Sunday comic comparison is no other than the famed Cathy strip. Both are portraits of a modern day woman struggling to balance life and work—not without its gaffs”

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