What Are The Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Your State?

What Are The Workers’ Compensation Benefits In Your State?

Workers’ compensation is incredibly important for employees that suffer any type of injury while on the job. It provides them with a sense of security that if anything were to happen, they will receive a wage replacement and medical coverage. With that in mind, it’s important to know what kind of compensation is available in your state to ensure that you will be covered in the event of an accident. This data visualization created by designer Megan Wild for KBG takes a look at the most common jobs in each state during 2014 and found out whether the state decided to cut, raise, or maintain the current workers’ compensation benefits.

According to the data, truck drivers make up a large majority of the most common jobs found across the United States. Considering that 9.2 billion tons of freight is moved across the country annually, it’s no surprise that transportation driving is the largest single job sector in the U.S. What is surprising, though, is that although the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were 3,356 deaths within this work industry in 2014, the 18 states where transportation driver was the most common job actually reduced workers’ compensation benefits for transportation drivers.

Sadly, the data shows that other industries were also impacted by workers’ compensation cuts. Nurses, farmers, teachers, and secretaries lost many benefits causing them to join truck drivers in the fight for fair workers’ compensation. But, not all is lost. Some states, such as Vermont, South Dakota, and Delaware, decided to maintain their current benefit status while others even chose to improve benefits.

Hopefully, the direction workers’ compensation took in 2014 isn’t reflective of what the future of benefits holds.

Workers' Compensation Data Visualization

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