Infographic Series That Will Help You Grasp The Meaning Of Life

Digital information has steadily become a determining factor in regards to our cultural and societal affairs since the information age began. The information we are constantly taking in is never-ending, and if you actually sit and think about all that data you’ve absorbed and will continue to absorb, you can be left with some pretty existential questions. That’s where this video infographic series steps in.

Getting Lost Infographic

Getting Lost

Created by web designer, video designer, and new media artist Marco Bagni, the three-part project offers some observations and speculations on questions like “Why are we here?” and “What are time and space?” The videos, Getting Lost, Chasing Space, and Time Illusion, don’t actually show any statistical information but were designed to share a space with Chad Hagen’s Nonsensical Infographics and SARC:O’s music.

Time Infographic

Time Illusion

Bagni explains the idea behind his project:

“These graphics are used to convey an abstract message, and they also want to emphasize the overloaded period in which we are all in—’Does it make sense?’ I often ask myself. The overall trilogy was the result of my study in ‘sense-making’ of life around me. Namely, we have TIME, SPACE, and the PATH OF LIFE. I think we all, at some point, are trying to find answers. If possible there is an answer, I think the answer has the form of a question.”

Space Infographic

Chasing Space

Check out the entire series below:

[Via: The Creators Project]

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