Want To Learn How To Green Screen? Now You Can For Free

If you’re an amateur filmmaker or you’ve just been curious about green screening, you can now learn it for free thanks to Paul Trillo and the people over at Skillshare. Together they launched an hour-long online class that teaches viewers about the fundamentals of green screen production and post-production and offers a bit of inspiration to help filmmakers with their next video project.

The class is perfect for video editors, aspiring directors, filmmakers, visual effects artists, and basically any person with a curious mind just interested in learning more about how green screen actually works. Armed with just some green cardstock, a picture frame, digital camera, and Adobe After Effects, Trillo gives a step-by-step process on how to create a “window into another world” video.

In the class, you’ll learn everything from how to come up with interesting green screen concepts to the final editing stages in After Effects where you actually remove the green and replace it with other imagery. Trillo even covers motion tracking so your green screen footage moves along with the rest of the scene.

If you’re interested in any other topics, make sure to browse through the other classes Skillshare offers. Skillshare is an extensive online learning community that helps creators get in touch with other like-minded individuals to learn from each other. Anyone can take any of their online classes and if you’ve got something you’d like to share, you can even become a teacher.

Be sure to check out the green screen class here and enroll!

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