Go On A Delightful Adventure With This Beautiful Folktale Game

If you’re looking for something fun and beautiful to play, Burly Men at Sea (BMAS) is the game for you. The project was developed by United States-based indie company Brain&Brain and was released back in September with glowing reviews. BMAS has a folktale feel to it and follows three very large, bearded fishermen who are in search of an adventure.

Burly Men At Sea

The game is set in early 20th century Scandinavia and as you play through, you encounter a series of creatures from Scandinavian folklore. As the player, you act as the storyteller and navigator, helping to shape the narrative around the trio of heroes as they set forth into the unknown.

Burly Men At Sea Folktale Game

Burly Men at Sea is the second game released by Brain&Brain, a husband and wife team, Brooke and David, that waS inspired by their own adventures as travelers. Pre-production first began shortly after the release of their first game back in 2014, with Brooke working on her own until her husband left Pixar to work on the project full-time. Shortly after, the game moved into development.

Burly Men At Sea

The bright, minimal art and storybook aesthetic of Burly Men comes from Brooke’s time as a graphic designer, which is perfect for a game set in Scandinavia. The overall look is beautiful and the cheerful, upbeat music matches the style perfectly. It’s no wonder it has received many accolades after its release. Burly Men at Sea is available for PC/Mac and mobile, so make sure you get your copy.

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