Top 5 Creative And Influential Social Media Campaigns

Top 5 Creative And Influential Social Media Campaigns

After scouring the Internet for powerful, influential social media campaigns, we’ve recently discovered five campaigns that have taken social media brand awareness to another level. These campaigns were so effective that many companies, both large and small, have attempted to duplicate them for their own business. Some have succeeded and some struck out.

No matter what, it’s definitely worth reading about these campaigns. There is something for every business owner to learn. And you can take the strategies and incorporate them into your own social media campaigns and hopefully achieve massive success.

Before we delve into the top five campaigns, always remember that tracking time online is an important part of the process. A campaign can be incredibly successful, but you may not be able to measure it correctly if you aren’t tracking the many hours of time and effort put into it. So always keep that in mind before beginning a new social media campaign of any kind.

Our 5 Favorite Influential and Creative Social Media Campaigns

1. Vanyer Media Campaign

Vanyer Social Media Campaigns

This company created an innovative an incredibly unique campaign for General Electric. GE wanted to increase their reputation as a powerful innovator in today’s world. This social media campaign helped to achieve this goal. The campaign that they created was called #6SecondsScienceFair, and the reason it was so effective is because they used educational micro-content that they shared with Tumblr and Vine. For starters, many big companies weren’t u8sing these social media platforms to push their agenda. Vanyer Media proved that they were a viable option. Plus, this daring campaign truly helped General Electric stand out amongst their competitors and brought interest back to the organization that they hadn’t seen in years.

2. Laundry Service Campaign

Laundry Service Social Media Campaigns

This powerful social media service has created a number of exceptional social media campaigns for certain major brands, including Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Michael Kors, and the ever-popular Amazon to name a few. Laundry Service’s biggest claim to fame is their ability to utilize social media as a way to promote special experiences. Essence, a European beauty company and one of their most successful clients, was a major sponsor of the Justin Bieber Believe Tour. This marketing powerhouse put together a number of special events on social media that tied directly into the tour. Their social media blitz encapsulated a number of different types of content, including sweepstakes and user generated content. They promoted these experiences on social media websites and helped amplify interest in the cosmetics company as well as Justin Bieber’s tour. It was a huge success, to say the least.

3. Save The Children #HelpIsComing Campaign

Whether you realize it or not, the Save The Children organization created one of the most intense and powerful social media campaigns in 2015. Why was this campaign so effective on social media? Well, they created a video that is one and a half minutes long called the “Most Shocking Second a Day” and it was launched right after the third anniversary of the Civil War in Syria. This video is powerful because it has the ability to pull at your heartstrings. And it woke many people up to the atrocities that are taking place in Syria. They also created a text campaign and interviewed child refugees and even enlisted the help of the musical group a Crowded House and popular actor Benedict Cumberbatch. This text campaign was incredibly popular and it brought in a lot of money. It went viral and was shared by many influential people including Ellie Golding, Coldplay, and Thom Yorke of Radiohead fame.

4. Expedia’s South American Getaway Campaign

Expedia Social Media Campaigns

Expedia created a major contest campaign on Instagram in 2015 that turned out to be a huge success for the company. Obviously, vacation destinations and beautiful photos go hand-in-hand, so this social media site was the perfect fit for the company. The marketing strategy incorporated sharing pictures of Rio de Janeiro through Instagram, and many of these fantastic travel photos got people excited and woke up their sense of adventure. The winner of the contest won a free trip to Rio de Janeiro and Expedia achieved some much sought after exposure through this massive online event.

5. Exploding Kittens Campaign

Before you run away in fear, please know that Exploding Kittens is actually a tabletop game that had an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign. As a matter of fact, this campaign blew away all prior Kickstarter records by a wide margin. While facing a lawsuit, The Oatmeal artist Matthew Inman decided to attempt to raise $20,000 in a challenge for a cancer charity. There was a major audience response, to say the least, and the Kickstarter campaign ultimately ended up raising $211,223.04. It was a huge win!

As you can see, it is certainly possible to use social media creatively to generate more awareness for your business. Running sweepstakes, hosting contests, and sharing viral photos and videos are excellent ways to build positive buzz around your company name. See if you can implement the spirit of these campaigns into your own social media strategies.

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