What Is The Scariest Thing In Your State?

With Halloween right around the corner, people have been taking to Instagram and other social media outlets to post spooky pictures of what they’re most scared of. There are so many different things to fear, especially this month when it seems like the ghouls and goblins are out to get you. That’s why Halloween Express analyzed over 397,000 Instagram posts tagged with #scared to figure out exactly what gives people in the United States night terrors.

American Ghost Story

American Ghost Story #scared

According to their analysis, people in the U.S. are more likely to be afraid of the unknown. Be it poltergeists, spirits, or apparitions, a majority of the states are afraid of ghosts, while prisons comes in as the second biggest fear on Instagram.

#Scared State

#scared state

Halloween Express used the posts to figure out which states were the most scared, and they found that Maine and Washington, D.C. topped the charts—per 100,000 residents, they contributed 15.8% and 6.69% of the #scared posts respectively.

Terrified Towns

Terrified Towns #scared

If you’re planning on taking a trip to California at any time soon, do so at your own risk. California cities take up five out of the top ten most #scared cities in the U.S. with Florida and New York cities filling up the rest of the chart. Interestingly, they found that the cities that made the list are all from the most populated states in the country.

Are You Afraid Of The Dark…Or What’s In It?

Are You Afraid Of The Dark #scared

When it comes to monsters, there’s a whole list of them that cause people to have nightmares and get jumpy when they hear something go bump in the night. According to their findings, the top ten most nightmarish beasts on Instagram could be found in fiction and reality. Halloween Express found that most Instagrammers were terrified by ghosts, which was featured in 60.1% of the #scared posts, while zombies, demons, and spiders took the subsequent spots. Mummies and ghouls brought up the rear, being featured in 1.3% and 1.2% of posts respectively.

U.S. States With A Creature Feature

U.S. States Creature Feature #scared

Halloween Express delved a little deeper and found out what the top ten creature mentions were by state. Montana came in at number one, with ghosts being the top mention within the state. Their analysis found that zombies, demons, and ghouls were the most mentioned monsters in Maine, taking up the number two, three, and ten spots respectively. Oddly enough, sharks were mentioned the most in Nevada, a landlocked state.

The Haunting Facts Of Life

Fact of Life #scared

Halloween Express not only analyzed the Instagram posts to find out what creatures and monsters people were most afraid of, they also used the data to determine what the top ten real-life fears were. They found that loneliness and death were the top two fear amongst the Instagrammers while failure and guns were at the bottom of the list. The rankings of the list are no surprise, considering social isolation kills more people than obesity.

Taxes, Tornados, and Terrorists – Oh My!

Taxes, Tornados, and Terrorists #scared

As you can see from their results, fear doesn’t have to be limited to fictional creatures, anything can be scary. The analysis actually found that the biggest fear people have is the fear of being poor (87% of #scared posts concerned money). Their study also found that people were more afraid of spiders (35%) than lions and bears—makes sense to me. And as far as the paranormal goes, it seems like ghosts will always occupy the top spot (70.6%).

If you’re looking to scare the people in your state, be sure to check out Halloween Express for some frightful and spooky costumes.

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