Take A Look At The Perfectly Symmetric Design Of Sherlock

Sherlock has been a BBC fan favorite for quite some time. In a modern take on the famous detective, the viewers follow Sherlock, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, and Watson, played by Martin Freeman, as they solve crimes using the power of deduction. The show’s storyline and character development are already somewhat of their own masterpieces, but in a new film essay by Celia Gómez, fans of the show are treated to the beautiful symmetry that can be found throughout the cinematography.

Sherlock Symmetric Design Cinematography

Many of the locations in the show already have symmetric design qualities about them, such as the art gallery and the architectural facades found throughout the buildings. But it’s the way the cinematographers are able to capture the locations that is impressive. The cinematography is so outstanding, there’s even a fan page.

Sherlock Symmetric Cinematography
Sherlock Symmetric Cinematography

Watch Gómez’s tribute to see why for yourself.

[Via: The Creators Project]

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