You’ll Never Guess What This Amazing Graffiti Is Actually Raising Awareness For

You’ll Never Guess What This Amazing Graffiti Is Actually Raising Awareness For

The Miami Marine Stadium is a landmark on the Biscayne Bay in Southern Florida. During its heyday, it played host to powerboat races, concerts, and various events for over 30 years until Hurricane Andrew damaged it in 1992. It has since been abandoned, with graffiti artists flocking to the stadium to cover its concrete surface with colorful murals and artwork.

After over 20 years, efforts are now being made to restore the stadium. Tomás Regalado, the mayor of Miami, has promised to put as much as $4 million towards the project, while an Indiegogo organized by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, along with Heineken, has already raised over $100,000.

Graffiti Marina

Even after the stadium has been cleaned, the graffiti splashing the walls of the arena will continue to live on in a video created by Heineken and Publicis New York. “Before production started, we shot the entire stadium using 360 spheres [to preserve the art],” says Andy Bird, creative chief at Publicis New York. “That content has since been integrated into the Google Maps API, so people will be able to do a virtual walk-around in the stadium using the street view interface at”

The final clip features stop-motion artwork that was hand-painted by the Miami-area graffiti artists that were brought in to help with the segment. “Being able to tell the story visually is key to the success of generating awareness and raising money for the initiative,” Bird told AdFreak. The video was filmed over a 25-day period, which involved five cameras continuously running for five of those days. “We went through pallets of spray paint, made hundreds of boat wheat-paste stickers and even crashed a drone into the middle of the marina, just to make that epic aerial view possible,” says Jeremy Filgate, the agencies creative director.

You can definitely see the amount of effort put into the video was not lost. Check it out:

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