These Cards Will Actually Tell You If You Are Drunk

These Cards Will Actually Tell You If You Are Drunk

Uber has already taken the world by storm, offering affordable rides for people and giving others the chance to become drivers for a little extra cash. Even though Uber has become a necessity for those going out for a drink, that hasn’t stopped the rideshare company from coming up with new ways to attract more users. In an ingenious campaign in Russia, the company decided to turn their business cards into portable blood alcohol tests so that bar patrons and club goers can determine whether or not they’re sober enough to drive or if they should get a ride to drive them home.


Uber BAC campaignThe cards were handed to patrons at the Alibi Bar in Yekaterinburg and contained saliva alcohol test strips that the drinker could use to test their BAC. All they had to do was peel off a test strip, lick it, then wait for the results. The strip will turn one of two colors: yellow or green. If the strip turns yellow, their blood alcohol level is low enough that they can safely drive home. If the strip turns green, then they should call an Uber.

The campaign was created by Red Pepper Creative and, although this isn’t the first time brands and agencies have executed stunts to discourage drunk driving and alcohol-related disasters, the Uber campaign is uncomplicated and gets the point across well. If it helps just a handful of people make better judgments, then the cards are worth the potential gimmicky feel.  

[Via: AdWeek]

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