This Is What Mass Migrations Will Look Like

Climate change is a real thing and as it continues to slowly heat up our world, we can expect to see some disastrous consequences across America. One of the changes that will go mostly unseen by humans is the large-scale migrations that will take place as thousands of species are compelled to depart due to warming temperatures and unstable weather patterns. This visualization by Migrations in Motion helps to fully comprehend what that will actually look like.

The researchers from the University of Washington and the Nature Conservancy teamed up to create Migrations in Motion, which depicts the migration paths of almost 3,000 different species in North and South America. The researchers used projected climate change patterns for the next 100 years to determine where they believe animals will be heading as the world continues to heat up.

Mass Migrations Map

The migration model is based on electronic circuit theory and anticipated patterns of connectivity across various terrains to show how animals will need to travel greater distances to arrive at their ideal climates over the next century. The visualization features multi-colored swirls representing the various migration paths of birds, amphibians, and mammals as they surge across the Western Hemisphere.

Unfortunately, many of the corridors the animals will try to travel aren’t open at the moment. There are highways, fences, walls, overpasses, and any number of human structures preventing them from migrating naturally, which can cause mass die-offs and even extinctions. Researchers hope that the visualization will motivate conservationists and land managers to consider preserving the connectivity between species’ current habitat and their future ones.

Check out Migration in Motion here.

[Via: Co.Design]

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