Here Are Some Of The Most Killer Vintage Travel Posters

When you get ready to leave for a trip, like most people, you look through guidebooks to learn a little more about the country you’re planning to visit. Very rarely, though, do we stop to think about the things we won’t be able to see anymore. Historical sites that gave way to mini-malls before we realized their importance, acres of forests lost to deforestation and overdevelopment, and the countless animals that are now extinct. That’s why Expedia UK put together a series of vintage travel posters to commemorate some of the animals that we have lost.

The series, titled Unknown Tourism, features posters from 6 different locations, each paying tribute to an animal native to that particular location. The posters are inspired by the travel advertisements of the 1930s through 1950s, each beautifully designed with a tagline imagining what it would be like to actually be able to see these fascinating animals in real life. It’s not until you realize that this will never be a possibility that your heart begins to ache a little for these lost creatures.

The posters serve as a reminder for these animals and it also reveals a little something about each country that won’t be found in a guidebook anymore. Hopefully, these posters also speak to the need for conservation to prevent any more animals from joining the collection.

Learn more about the posters and the animals featured on them here.

Tasmania Thylacine Poster

Tasmania: “Earn Your Stripes, See the Thylacine”

New Zealand Moa Poster

New Zealand: “Walk with the Moa in the Land of Giants”

Mauritius Dodo Poster

Mauritius: “Meet the Dodo, Our Friendliest Resident”

Jamaica Giant Galliwasp Poster

Jamaica: “The Gem of the Tropics, Home of the Giant Galliwasp”

Costa Rica Golden Toad Poster

Costa Rica: “Discover the Golden Toad, a National Treasure”

Alaska Steller's Sea Cow Poster

Alaska: “Go Glacial with the Steller’s Sea Cow”

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