If You’re A Designer And You Like Party Games, This Is For You

Everybody knows “The Memory Game.” It’s the one where you lay a deck of cards face down and try to determine where the matching cards are while remembering the locations of cards when you’ve chosen incorrectly. Well, Dutch artist Sigrid Calon has given this class memory game an artful overhaul that every designer nerd will love.

Designer Card Game

Calon says she remembers playing the game with her grandmother’s set growing up, which featured old Dutch classics items. Her designer-geared cards are considerably different than the ones she reminisces about.

Calon is known for her geometric patterns filled with bright gradated colors. Just last year she created two signature typefaces that are her graphic interpretations of embroidery stitches. These types—Calon Black and Calon Speed—are beautifully incorporated into the design of the cards, creating brightly colored geometric shapes.

Designer Card Game

The abstract forms on the tiles make the game a bit more difficult to play, but they’re a great deal prettier than the ones we grew up with. If you want to purchase your very own Sigrid Calon Memory game for your next designer party, you can get one here.

[Via: Co.Design]

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