This Awesome Gadget Will Actually Help You Find That Font

Fiona O’Leary wants to make it easier for print designers to determine types of fonts out in the real world. The recent graduate of the Royal College of Art is currently in the process of developing a gadget, known as Spector, that will easily identify type. The pocket-sized gadget is designed to reveal a typeface by taking photos and cross-referencing it with a large database of fonts. The font scanner is also able to analyze the RGB and CMYK makeup of hues as it evaluates the photo, making it easier for designers to recreate hues.


The Spector also analyzes the size, kerning, and leading, making it easier for designers to determine the correct scaling while creating layouts. O’Leary envisions designers using the gadget when they see a printed font matching what they’d like to create. After scanning the text, the gadget would then connect to InDesign to match the printed font on the designer’s screen.


The font finder is currently still a prototype, and according to Wired, is only able to differentiate between Apercu, Bureau Grot, Canela, and Founder Grotesk. O’Leary hopes to merge a large database of fonts with the Spector in the future.

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[Via: Co.Design]

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