See The Evolution Of The Web With This Beautiful Interactive

The web is constantly evolving, growing and changing to suit the times. With web pages, apps, videos, photos, and interactive content continually joining the stream of online information, it’s hard to visualize just how all this information is interconnected. The Evolution of the Web is a brilliant interactive that helps you do just that: visualize the interplay of web technologies.

As technologies expand and grow, it allows web developers a wider range of motion to create new interactive and immersive experiences. The result of this advancement is thanks to the efforts of the wide community of web developers that help to interpret these emerging web technologies, such as HTML, CSS3, and WebGL, into something cohesive and to ensure that they are all supported by various web browsers.

Evolution of the Web Interactive

Each of the bands featured represents an interaction between browsers and the web technologies that help to populate them. As you scroll through the timeline, you can see how each web technology intersects with each other and the various browsers and the growth and development of each one. A toggle on the interactive also allows you to see the growth of the internet and how it relates to the growth and change of the various technologies.

Check out the interactive here.

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