See Why Knowledge Workers Are Important With This Infographic

Over at Dropbox Business, their aim is to help people and businesses collaborate in order to stay productive to get things done. In a recent report they released, Get wise beyond your peers, Dropbox conducted 46 in-person interviews and surveyed over 3,000 knowledge workers across the order to help businesses understand the importance of knowledge workers and their goals, workflow, and any challenges that they may face in the workplace.

Knowledge work is any job that requires some type of social and creative intelligence and it is not something that can be replicated by a machine. Knowledge workers have the ability to solve problems with the information they have, and they can also collaborate, create, and make decisions with their peers. The key takeaways from the report itself is to direct businesses towards creating a positive workspace for knowledge workers in order to attract and retain them. Our parent company, Column Five, worked with Dropbox Business to create this useful infographic for businesses to better understand the need for workplace optimization.

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If you want to download the ebook, go here.

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