Simplify Your Life With The Clutter Cleanse Challenge

Nobody likes clutter, but sometimes living a clutter free life is hard. With information on new products constantly bombarding us every day, it’s difficult not to start purchasing everything we see in our social feed. That’s why the folks over at NuFACE want you to take the Clutter Cleanse Challenge that they hope will help you learn how to live lighter and simplify your life in order to get to your true, authentic self.

During the 28 day challenge, you’ll be asked to reevaluate your stuff in order to begin the process of freeing yourself from the things that clutter not only your space but your being as well. The #LessStuffMoreMe movement wants you to find what it is in life that genuinely brings you joy to put your best self forward.

It’s no surprise that you’ll accumulate a bunch of stuff that you don’t want anymore by the end of the challenge. What better way to celebrate your freedom than to throw a party! The creative minds over at our parent company, Column Five, worked with NuFACE to create this super awesome infographic that will help you throw the best clutter cleanse party. Hopefully, your month of purging will aid you in attaining freedom, confidence, enjoyment, and a better sense of who you are and what makes you happy.

NuFACE Clutter Cleanse Party

Learn more about the Clutter Cleanse Challenge here.

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