Need Help Meditating? This Wonderful Chart Will Help

If you’re having a stressful day, this fantastic chart has all the tips and tricks you need to help you meditate. Created by London-based designer David McCandless, the chart offers meditation gurus and newbies alike a collection of information ranging from material about the different types of medication to the effects of meditation and mindfulness.

Throughout history, meditation has been used as a method to induce a state of consciousness and has helped practitioners to become more mindful and relaxed. Meditation has been known to reduce stress and calm emotions, nurture feelings of harmony and joy, as well as change the perspective of practitioners through the growth of the mind.

This chart will guide you through the ideal posture and breathing patterns you should be engaging in to help get you started on your journey towards mental growth and development. You can use the chart to determine what type of meditation you should be practicing and the method you should be applying. Hopefully, it will help you develop mentally and physically to become the better you.

Meditation chart

[Via: Information is Beautiful]

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