Here Are 100 Absolutely Awesome Movie Quotes In A Super Cool Chart

The American Film Institute celebrated a huge milestone: their 100-year anniversary. To commemorate the event, they came up with a list of the 100 most memorable movie quotes from American cinema ranging from movies such as The Wizard of Oz to Psycho. In honor of their anniversary, statistician Nathan Yau decided to create a poster featuring each quote in chart form.

Each image is completely different than the next and highlights the quote in a unique way. The quote itself is never explicitly stated, but the images perfectly represent the iconic lines and embody the ideas and feelings behind them. The only clue to the origin of the charted quotes is the movie title and premier year at the bottom of each image.

movie quote chart

When deciding which quotes would be featured for their anniversary, the American Film Institute selected them based on a set of criteria: the quotes would be selected from American films which have rooted themselves in pop culture and the quotes would need to evoke the memory of the film. The institute hopes to preserve the legacy and tradition of motion picture and pay tribute to the artists and their work while cultivating an appreciation for film in the next generation of storytellers

Learn more about the American Film Institute and their work here.

[Via: Flowing Data]

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