Death Data (Accident Data Center for Road Safety Culture)

‘Death Data’ Aims to Help Thai Drivers Be Aware of Dangerous Roads

Thailand has a serious problem. It has the second-highest annual road fatality rate per 100,000 inhabitants (behind only Libya). The coastal nation has a fog of death engulfing its driving population and it inspired Bangkok-based interactive and graphic designer Witaya Junma to create the equally powerful and horrifying Thai Road Safety Culture (Thai RSC).

The 36-year-old’s experiment data viz project and site shows the amount of people injured or killed from road accidents in Thailand by extracting real-time data from the Accident Data Center for Road Safety Culture. The number of burned matches in each line represents the amount of people killed each day. As Junma heartbreakingly explains, each match that lights up shows life being lost and damage occurring. Such an effort was very dear to him.

“Among the many reasons this project was created, the project was meant to make people realize road traffic accidents nowadays. Since road traffic accidents in Thailand have been dramatically increased, it is very important to raise people’s awareness of the situation. Being injured in a car accident myself has woken me up.”

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