You Will Never Guess What This Denim Ad Is For

With the release of the reincarnation of the iconic Beetle Denim model, Volkswagen enlisted the services of Los Angeles-based advertising agency Deutsch to create a unique ad to promote the new vehicle. Aptly named VW Denim Road, the ad features denim weaving and rolling in the form of a darkly lit road accompanied by a tagline reading “The new Beetle Denim has arrived.”

VW Beetle Denim Ad

The Beetle Denim model, which was originally released in the 1970s, features a jeans-inspired interior and a denim-like convertible top. When Volkswagen announced the release of their latest rendition of the Beetle Jeans, they promoted the vehicle by featuring the denim highway posters at top dealerships across the United States and released a social video on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

VW Beetle Denim Ad

“From runway to highway, the limited edition Beetle Denim makes its fashion debut. With a stonewash blue exterior and a denim blue convertible top, denim on denim has never looked better.”

[Via: The Inspiration Room]

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