You Need To Check Out GOT Characters As Agency Professionals

Fans of the HBO hit TV series Game of Thrones probably never thought about their favorite characters as ad advertising professionals, but Indian digital agency Chimp&z has gone ahead and figured it out. The parody, appropriately named Game of Agencies, cleverly depicts the characters’ advertising professional alter egos with each graphic accompanied with a perfectly chosen quote. The careers are perfectly assigned to each character and the illustration accompanying each one is artfully and adorably done.

Some of the characters the agency reimagined include Jon Snow as the lovable yet clueless HR representative, Cersei Lannister as an unnerving creative director, and Tyrion Lannister as a knowledgeable copywriter.

Jon Snow Agency Cersei Lannister Agency Peter Baylish Agency Grey worm Agency Lord Varys Agency Mace Tyrell Agency Melissandre Agency Ramsay Bolton Agency Tyrion Lannister Agency The unsullied Agency Three eyed raven Agency Samwell Tarly Agency

[Via: Chimp&z]

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