The Life Of Marine Turtles: An Informative Infographic

Marine turtles are magical creatures found in oceans all over the world but unfortunately, all species of the marine turtle are currently endangered. A sea turtle’s life in never easy. From hatching to navigating the dangerous waters of the ocean, turtles face many threats that bring their survival rate down at an early age. Although female turtles will lay several hundred eggs in a single nesting season, only one of 1000 will survive past their first year. From there, sea turtles must survive five to ten years before the return to the same beach they hatched at to lay their own eggs. This beautiful infographic, originally released by, provides a plethora of information about the life of a sea turtle, from infancy through adulthood, and the dangers threatening their existence, such as ocean trash and humans that hunt the turtles for their shells and meat. The rising amount of plastics found in the ocean causes turtles to be under constant threat. Lack of education about sea turtle conservation endangers not only the beaches turtles frequently nest at, but their ocean home as well. With a little more understanding about these fascinating creatures. Hopefully, more will be done to help protect them and prevent them from extinction.

marine turtle infographic

[Via: Daily Infographic]

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