You Need To See These Adorable Knitted Remakes Of Your Favorite Ads

The in-house team at British TV network ITV, ITV Creative, have done something amazing and adorable and totally squee worthy. Using stop motion animation, they recreated well-known ads from various agencies into cute knitted versions that are as delightful as they sound. The yarn-filled ads were originally aired as a block advertisement on December 18 of last year during ITV’s annual Text Santa Program, a charity initiative that raises funds for various organizations such as Make-A-Wish U.K. and Save the Children.

knitted ads

The “Knitted Ad Break” was crafted around the show’s theme which focused on a holiday sweater. The team at ITV Creative chose the ads based on their ability to quickly and effectively transform the narrative into a recognizable wooly version. The six advertisers that agreed to have their spots converted were Amazon Prime, British Gas, BT, DFS, Dreams, and Nationwide. With the help of the puppet makers at Mackinnon & Saunders, the team was able to produce impressive and charming renditions of their original counterparts.

“There’s no special effects in any of them,” Katie Carew, ITV Creative production chief, told Creative Review. “It would have been a simpler route, but it didn’t really have the craft in it we were after.”

The amount of work and effort that the team put into the ads is evident in each spot and is sure to impress every admirer.

[Via: AdWeek]

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