Believeland (2016 NBA Championship Poster), by Box Score Art

‘Believeland’ is the NBA Championship Poster Every Cavs Fan Needs

This year’s NBA championship was one of the wildest series in the history of the game. The no-championship Cleveland became the first team to come back from 3-1 and beat the Golden State Warriors who had just set the record for most wins in a season. If you want to forever be reminded that you can come back from anything if you work your ass off, ‘Believeland’ is the poster you’ve been looking for.

Celebrating the 2016 NBA champs, Box Score Art captured the wonder with data viz and design, minute by minute. If you’re a Cavs fan who digs on data, it’s pretty hard to pass up. It honors the one of the most epic series in NBA history, as noted by the design team.

LeBron’s performance was so physically and mentally superior, it really seemed like an artistic expression of basketball. The statistical feats alone were legendary: the only player ever to lead both teams in the major stat categories, a triple-double in Game 7, back-to-back 41 point games. Yet, those can’t quite explain how special his performance was, let alone the contribution of Kyrie Irving (averaged 31 points in games 4-7), Tristan Thompson on the offensive glass, JR Smith’s big threes, and Kevin Love locking down Stephen Curry on the final possession.

Check out the killer ‘Beliveland’ poster below.

Believeland (2016 NBA Championship Poster), by Box Score Art

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