This Gross Ad Is Trying To Make You Healthy

If the thought of licking germ-ridden surfaces grosses you out, this video is not for you. The 22-minute ad from dairy conglomerate Valio follows travel television host Ian Wright as he travels the globe with a germ-measuring meter to find some of the filthiest surfaces to sample. Wright’s bacteria taste-test is documented to show just how effective Finnish probiotic brand Gefilus is at boosting healthy bacteria in the gut, thereby increasing your immune system.

Gefilus Probiotic ad

The somewhat gag-inducing advertisement, cleverly titled The Lick-Hikers Guide to Inner Strength, is astonishingly charming and informative. The creatives at Hasan and Partners Helsinki produced the documentary-style ad and included interviews with doctors and academics and animations depicting Valio’s perspective on the science of probiotics.

Although the ad may not convince you that Gefilus will make you an immune super-human, Wright’s efforts to prove the probiotic capabilities is endearing and humorous.

[Via: AdWeek]

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