You Need To See The Unique Marketing Of This Japanese Rice

While most companies focus on the branding of the product they produce, this company decided to take a different approach. The adorable marketing of the rice sold by Meganemai, a Japanese rice company from Sabae City, a district in the Fukui Prefecture, spotlights the people who make the rice rather than the product itself. Meganemai, a Japanese term for “rice with glasses,” is the perfect name for the company since every person involved in the production, from the rice farmers, rice polishers, and the packaging designers, wears glasses.

rice marketing

The idea to feature spectacles on their packaging instead of focusing on the type of rice or where it was grown and harvested differs greatly from the other rice products on the market. The choice of the three companies behind the brand to choose such a unique marketing idea actually helped to single them out in a market flooded with so many options. The bespectacled sacks of rice give a face to the product which provides the consumers a sort of transparency not offered with other products.

You can buy their rice online here.

rice Marketing rice marketing

[Via: Spoon & Tomago]


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