You Need To See What This Slang-Filled PSA Is Actually Raising Awareness For

In response to the rising rates of sexually transmitted diseases in Alberta, Canada, ad agency Trigger has created a blunt campaign to raise awareness on the issue using modern sex slang. The PSA hopes to educate the younger population of Alberta about the importance of safe sex by connecting to them with attention grabbing ads.


With slogans such as “Go balls deep without losing any sleep” and “Get some without catching some,” it’s easy to tell the campaigns target demographic. The ads are aimed at the city’s 20-somethings, especially men, whom gonorrhea and syphilis rates are increasingly climbing. The crude campaign is meant to grab the attention online of the many young adults using the internet to find anonymous hook-ups, which is the source of the sudden surge in STIs. Unlike other PSA’s that use fear tactics and badgering to instruct, the raw tone of Trigger’s campaign may prove to be more effective. As of now the campaign has received positive feedback, but only time will tell if the ads are sufficient enough to lower STI rates.


STD PSA Campaign


[Via: AdWeek]

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