See How You Can Help Mozilla With Their Latest Rebrand

Mozilla is in the midst of an expansive rebranding effort and they’ve decided to enlist the help of the public to do so. Known for utilizing open-source methods in the past for their web browser Firefox, Mozilla is no stranger to the communal process. The company launched an “open design” blog where contributors can find content and openly participate in discussions about the rebrand.

Mozilla Rebrand

According to the company:

“We’re updating our brand identity using Mozilla open source principles, and everyone’s invited. In this, our Creative Strategy phase, we welcome your ideas and directions Mozilla might explore to present itself anew to the world. Comment or post a link to an example of open design done well. We’re priming the pump with 7 thematic pathways of our own.”

The thematic pathways stem from Mozilla’s brand personality: gutsy, independent, open-minded, and for good. In the days to come, the company plans on taking the feedback they receive into consideration to revise the brand’s personality. For Mozilla, no theme is meant to be the answer, but a starting point for ideas to grow from.

During this creative process phase, Mozilla has made it clear that there will be some restrictions when working on the rebranding. “We are not crowdsourcing the new identity and we will not resort to voting,” the company explains. “While we have nothing against either of these approaches to design in the modern world, we feel that we will get better results from the call and response of design and review. We’ll avoid re-opening phases of work we have already passed so that we may keep the project on track.”

Mozilla Rebrand

A summarization of Mozilla’s re-branding objective:

“Ideally Mozilla will have a brand that better matches the work we do in the world. In reality, the outcome is uncertain. This kind of open brand identity design has never been done before at this scale. As a global design community, we will learn where this process works and where it breaks down, and we’ll adapt to designing in a more connected, brand-centric world.”

Help with the redesign here.

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