Wait Until You See What This Clever Ad Is Selling

Some products are hard to sell, especially if it’s something that people don’t normally feel comfortable talking about. This was the challenge facing the ad agency We from Sao Paulo, Brazil. When Normolax approached them to find a way to get people to start talking about their products, the creatives at We had to find a way that would help the product stand out in a market where all other anti-constipation medications were branded similarly. In order to increase brand awareness at a low cost, We formed the idea to create faces out of toilet paper rolls.

toilet ad

The campaign, called Uncomfortable Toilet Faces, is a series of finished toilet paper rolls scrunched into the various facial expressions one might make while sitting on a toilet. The idea behind the faces was to make the product memorable to the public while increasing awareness. The rolls were placed on the backs of bathroom stall doors in malls owned by the BR group. The result of the brilliant campaign not only accomplished the goal of increasing brand awareness but also intensified the brand’s recognition due to the funny interaction people had with the ad.

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[Via: Ads of the World]

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