People Are Shocked When They Uncover Their Heritage

During a time of so much racial division and violence in the world, this campaign does so much more than promote Danish company Momondo. The travel site partnered with DNA testing service AncestryDNA, ad agency &Co., and production house Bacon to create a powerful and moving campaign to help participants uncover their true heritage. The DNA Journey follows a diversified group of people who think they know about their ancestry, some of whom have very staunch opinions about nationalities. For many of the 67 participants, their beliefs are turned upside-down when they receive their DNA results.

Heritage Campaign

“The idea at the heart of our campaign is that there are more things uniting us than dividing us,” Momondo representative Lasse Skole Hansen tells AdFreak. “Our hope is that by showing the diversity in each one of us, we can break down some barriers between people.”

For many working on the project, the campaign was so much more than just a compelling branded content marketing. “The film shoot was a very emotional experience for everybody involved–not just the participants but also the crew, the client and the agency,” says Robert Cerkez, creative director at &Co.. “We were overwhelmed by the how deeply affected a lot of the participants got and how brave they were as they shared their personal stories.” Cerkez continues by saying how he hopes the video will cause people to stop and consider their similarities, no matter how different they may seem. “[Such thoughts are] nice, somewhat comforting and maybe even really important to be reminded of. We really hope that the film will evoke the viewer’s curiosity. Think about how rare it is that we are given the chance to learn something new about ourselves.”


[Via: AdWeek]

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